Monday, December 7, 2009


So.. you ran out of cascade, the dishwasher was full and you decided to put liquid dishwashing soap in the machine. . " It will be alright... what makes the difference?" you told yourself as you latched the door shut and pushed the button to turn it on. As you continue with various kitchen chores the water is filling and heating up in the machine. So far, so good. As you walk to the laundry room to empty the litter box you hear the familiar whooshing as the machine starts the wash cycle. Still confident, you de-litter the cats box and head back into kitchen to wash your hands. On this journey you think the dishwasher sounds.. well.. unfamiliar..kind of muffled. Upon entrance to the kitchen you see thousands of foamy bubbles oozing out of every nook and cranny of the machine! Aaaaa! You open the door and they come billowing out.. WHAT TO DO?!?
GRAB A BOTTLE OF VINEGAR AND POOR IT IN THE MACHINE!! Shut the door and start the machine again.. give it a few seconds.. then reopen to see if the bubbles have decreased, if not add more vinegar! It really works! Has something to do with PH values of soap and vinegar. Soap being alkaline and vinegar being acidic and they neutralize each other. Whatever.. I learned that in Beauty School during the chapter on Shampooing. So always use proper dishwasher detergent in your machine....( and keep a bottle of vinegar around just in case) ;)

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