Saturday, December 5, 2009

like inkpens and umbrellas...

What goes around, comes around. Sage words that imply a profound karmic cause to the events that shape our lives. People, situations, things, they all come and go through our life. Let's talk specifically about things. Inkpens and umbrellas. What free spirited gypsies these objects are! They travel into and out of your life without your notice till you need one. Then you either can't find one (that works) or you find a treasure of them in your junk drawer or closet that you have no recollection of aquiring. Advice goes around and comes around in much the same manner. I will be digging into the junk drawer and closet of my mind and offering advice on love, household chores, parenting, products, hair and skin care,,,etc. Why? ...I fancy myself a know it all! ;)

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