Friday, January 8, 2010

Since you saw me last....

I had intentions of posting regularly on this when I started, then life got in the way. The holidays were very busy as I hosted 2 big family get-togethers, each with over 20 people! I also had a houseful of critters. My daughter and boyfriends 2 dogs, my own 3 cats, and my youngest daughters pregnant dog who gave birth on the 28th to six puppies! So I have had a LOT of pet messes to clean up! Because of course, the 100lb dog with the sensitive stomach just couldn't resist eating half a bag of cat food and then puking it up in my bedroom in the middle of the night. The miserably pregnant dog in strange home didn't manage her increasingly urgent bladder calls efficiently. The little yorkie poo would miss his potty pad. My old stroke victim cat can't seem to manuever the litter box any more.. so he stands in it, but the poop and pee land outside the box! Luckily I have this little dirt devil handheld cleaner. It sprays,scrubs and vacuums up the messes wonderfully. Speaking of carpet cleaning, I have a new fave! For years I've had a Bissell steam vac. It worked well.. but the stains would always reappear within a few weeks, and the heavy traffic areas would look dirty again. I was in Sears looking at carpet care products and discovered this Capture brand cleaner. It is a dry cleaning method. First you mist the area with the soil release spray, then you sprinkle on the powder.(which is thick and dampish)A brush comes with the kit and you can screw a paint pole or broom stick to it. Then you brush the powder around with brush and wait 30 minutes before vacuuming. Now for my advice...
Wear a mask... I felt kinda coughy during and after, which surprised me cuz it wasn't flying around or anything.
Use a bagless vacuum cleaner. I have a tank that uses bags that cost a buck a piece and the powder clogs them up fast. So I borrowed my mother in laws bagless.
The carpet came out great and has stayed great! No waiting for it to dry, no dirty messy water to dispose of!

Update from last post:
Son seems to be doing better,,, Has started talking to us more.. Granted, he was asking for money for rent and food.. I think the reality of the financial mess he made of his life has hit him. Though he still will not contribute it to Bipolar.. says he was just under stress. He did get a job at Noodles and is trying to get on at local automotive plant. Hopefully he can get back on his feet financially and save some money to finish school. The problem with him not taking meds and getting treatment though is very scary to me. He might not have an episode for years.. or he might next week.
But, he did tell me he loved me last night on the phone when he said goodbye...

Back to the puppies! The mommy (Millie)is a little shih tzu my youngest daughter and her roommate found on Halloween. She was scrawny, scraggly, had a broken leg that had been left to heal on it's own and was jumpin with fleas.. and newly knocked up!
So I voluntered to midwife. There are 6 of them, 4 boys, 2 girls. They are a joy to look at,,so roly poly and cute! Hopefully their eyes will open soon, they will be 2 weeks old on monday.

So,, Word of Wisdom for today-- Don't eat yellow snow!


  1. Wow. You DO have a houseful :)

    I am glad your son is in contact. It is so hard to convince someone with a problem, that they need to accept it, and take the medication. I struggled for years with one of my sons. He would take it sporadically and I could tell right away when he had been without it for a couple days.

    Just love him. No matter what, let him know you are there.

  2. Thank you..
    Ahh.. it's hard to judge whether I'm being supportive towards reality and wellness or enabling the disease.. So I just pray that Love always wins..