Wednesday, January 27, 2010

one thought leads to another thought..

So when I finished brushing my teeth and started to floss.. I thought of that new commercial about that reality marriage show coming soon.. where they show couples fighting and I guess "referee" them through their differences. One of the couples is fighting over the wifes nasty habit of flossing in bed! Yuck!.... aaaaand that led me to remember the time I went into my insurance office and the receptionist was flossing... Yep and she walked right up to counter and continued her flossing.. I thought I was gonna GAG~... I mean reeeeaallly! All inappropiateness aside..HOW DO THESE PPL FLOSS WITH OUT A MIRROR???
Which brings me to this.. Flossing makes your bathroom mirror..ICKY! To remedy this ickiness I keep a small spray bottle filled with distilled water to clean the mirror with. just mist on and buff off with soft absorbant towel or paper towels. Cleans very well and leaves no streaks. or film like windex can. Make sure it is distilled water!
I use it to clean car windows.. the glass panes on my doors and light fixtures.. surfaces that I'm not sure of....
And about that soft absorbant towel... Do not use fabric softener on towels! Itleaves a slick coating on the towels which lessens their absorbancy!!

I have been and am increasingly busy with the puppies..They are SO CUTE! I have most of them spoken for and even the Mommy dog is spoken for!

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